Falkome Group


Welcome to Falkome Group, established in 2012, where we are on a remarkable journey to become the world’s leading company with a strong presence in both national and international markets. Over the years, we have transformed from a trading-based enterprise into a dynamic conglomerate encompassing manufacturing, research and development, and exceptional service offerings.

Our roots may have been in argon-based products, but we have since diversified our portfolio to include an impressive range of offerings, such as carbon black, garments, textiles, chemicals, and petrochemicals. At every step, our focus has been on fostering innovation to drive exponential growth.

Distinguished for our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, Falkome Group has earned its place as a top-tier, customer-centric firm in the industry. With profound expertise and experience in our domain, we have elevated our organization to unprecedented heights.

At Falkome Group, our commitment to ethical business practices and strategic decision-making has garnered immense support from our clients across various domains.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to revolutionize industries, leaving a lasting impact on the global market. Together, let’s build a brighter and more prosperous future.