CAS Registry No: 124-09-4

Welcome to our Adipic Acid (Hexanedioic Acid) Solutions

At our company, we specialize in providing high-quality Adipic Acid, also known as Hexanedioic Acid, for a wide range of industries and applications. Adipic Acid is a versatile compound with key applications in the production of polyamides, polymers, and polyurethane, contributing to the development of advanced materials in various sectors.

Applications of Adipic Acid:

Polyamide Production: Adipic Acid is primarily used as a monomer in the production of polyamide 6.6, a type of nylon. Polyamide 6.6 finds applications in engineering plastics, textile fibers, and industrial yarns. Its excellent mechanical properties and resistance make it suitable for various demanding applications.

Engineering Plastics: Adipic Acid plays a crucial role in the formulation of engineering plastics. These plastics are used in the automotive, electronics, and consumer goods industries, providing high-performance solutions for diverse applications.

Textile Fibers and Industrial Yarns: Adipic Acid is used to produce textile fibers and industrial yarns with enhanced durability and versatility. These fibers find use in apparel, home textiles, and technical textiles.

Polyurethane Production: Adipic Acid is employed in the production of polyurethane, contributing to the creation of flexible and semi-rigid foams. Polyurethane foams have applications in cushioning, insulation, packaging, and various consumer products.

Why Choose Our Adipic Acid Solutions?

Quality Assurance: We prioritize the quality of our Adipic Acid, ensuring it meets stringent industry standards for reliability and performance.

Application Expertise: Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge of Adipic Acid applications, enabling us to provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Customization: We understand that different industries have unique requirements. Our Adipic Acid solutions can be customized to suit your specific applications.

Reliable Supply: With efficient logistics and a robust supply chain, we ensure timely and consistent delivery of our products.

Sustainability: We are committed to responsible sourcing and sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.

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