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At our company, we offer a wide range of high-quality Paraffin Oil and Wax products tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Paraffin oil, also known as mineral oil, and paraffin wax are versatile substances used in a multitude of applications. Our commitment to quality ensures that our paraffin products deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Applications of Paraffin Oil/Wax:

Candles: Paraffin wax is a popular choice for candle making due to its low cost, ease of use, and ability to hold fragrance and color. We provide premium paraffin wax that produces clean-burning and long-lasting candles.

Joints and Muscles: Paraffin oil is often used in therapeutic treatments for joints and muscles. Its soothing properties make it ideal for providing relief and relaxation to sore muscles and stiff joints.

Cosmetics: Paraffin wax is commonly used in cosmetic formulations like creams, lotions, and balms. Its emollient properties help in moisturizing and softening the skin.

Wax Papers: Paraffin wax-coated papers find use in various industries, including food packaging, where they act as a barrier to moisture and enhance shelf life.

Polishes: Paraffin wax is an essential ingredient in furniture polishes, shoe polishes, and other similar products, providing a smooth and glossy finish.

Electric Insulator: Paraffin oil is used as a dielectric fluid in electrical insulators due to its excellent electrical insulation properties.

Why Choose Our Paraffin Oil/Wax Services?

Premium Quality: We prioritize the quality of our paraffin oil and wax products to ensure they meet the highest industry standards.

Versatility: Our paraffin products are available in various grades and forms to suit different applications, offering flexibility in your manufacturing processes.

Reliable Supply: With efficient logistics and a strong supply chain, we guarantee timely delivery of your orders.

Technical Support: Our team of experts is available to provide technical support and guidance on using paraffin oil and wax in your specific applications.

Ethical and Environmentally Conscious: We adhere to ethical business practices and strive to minimize our environmental impact throughout our operations.


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Unlock the potential of paraffin oil and wax in your applications. Whether you’re looking for candle-making solutions, cosmetic ingredients, or industrial applications, our paraffin products are designed to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the difference with our premium paraffin oil and wax services. Trust us to be your reliable partner for all your paraffin needs.